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How To Set Up Microsoft Exchange Mail In Android 2.2:

So I’ve had some trouble trying to set up my Microsoftt Exchange Mail with my 2.2 Android. Finally I figured how to do it. The main problem usually is finding out wich are the Domain, the User and the Server. Here is how you do it:

First imagine you acces to your mail (

Domain: randomname


User: you have to find it out in your mail page.

–> Go to Options (up right)

–> Click on About (left bar)

–> Look for the field Exchange mailbox address:

–> The last name on this field is your User Name.

Ex: /o=RANDOM/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=C.ESEESE –> C.ESEESE is the user name.

So now on your phone, when you select the Exchange mail in the Domain: Username blank, you will have to write it like this: DOMAIN/USERNAME

Hope it helps you.


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